Friday, October 7, 2011

Dissertation appendices

Bits and pieces of my 2001 PhD. dissertation are incorporated into the book, and in the few places where the dissertation contains a more detailed discussion there is a note to that effect, but the overall project has changed and expanded so much over the past ten years that I consider the dissertation to have been superseded in almost every respect.  However, the two appendices contain concentrated information that is not available in the book, so I am making them available (unrevised) as supplements here.

Appendix A: The Nihon shoki on Writing's Introduction and Development
Appendix B: Notes on the So-called 'Remnant Texts of the Suiko Court'

Correction on p. 476

The publisher of the Rekishigaku jiten in which Yoshie 2003a and 2003b appear is Kōbundō, not Shibundō.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Table of contents for endnotes

Expanded table of contents

Correction on page 179

In the middle of page 179, "intralingual acts of translation" should read "interlingual acts of translation."  Better, the whole sentence should simply be: "But kundoku also differs from acts of translation, at least as they are commonly conceived."